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  1. Vivian


    Could you please recommend a good Italian Restaurant in the Broadway & 32nd Street vicinity in Queens. It’s my anniversary and my husband and I would like to have a good meal. We would like to have a sit down dinner, nothing too fancy, but nothing that resembles a pizza shop. Thanks.

    • Hi Vivian,

      I would recommend Bartolino’s on Broadway and 35th Street, or Cara Bella on 30th Avenue and 47th Street. I realize Cara Bella is a bit of a walk for you, but it’s definitely worth the trip! Bartolino’s is good, reliable, but standard Italian that won’t break the bank. It might not be the best Italian meal you’ve ever had, but it’s definitely tasty.

      Unfortunately, Astoria is not the neighborhood for New York’s best Italian (which I’m sure you already know if you live in the area). The place I’m telling everyone to go lately is Lucas Steakhouse. It’s owned by the same owners of Locale (on 33rd St and 34th Avenue, if you’ve never been you should definitely go – it’s one of my favorite Astoria spots), and is a classy, but not pretentious, steakhouse with impeccable cuts of beef at standard steakhouse prices. It’s not Italian food, but it’s definitely worthy of an anniversary meal.

      Hope this was helpful! And happy anniversary!

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